Using the X-Jet versus a Downstreaming System

If you have tried using a ladder while cleaning and rinsing with a pressure washing wand, you understand from experience, how dangerous and tiring it can be.  Thankfully, there are some professional tools you can use for your pressure washing  jobs, saving you a considerable amount of time and frustration.

You are going to be spending much of your time cleaning or applying chemicals when you're out on the job. There are a couple proven ways you can do this effectively.  One of which is using a X-Jet system. The X-Jet is basically an external injection system that introduces the cleaning chemicals to the water after the water has been released from the pressure washer.  It features a 2" stainless steel nozzle which can inject cleaners in different proportions up to 40 feet in a constant spray pattern.  Since it is an external system it keeps the caustic chemicals away from the pressure washing pump, hose,  wands , all of which have seals that are susceptible to corrosion from using strong chemicals.

The original X-Jet system typically comes with a close-range nozzle, 15 piece proportioner set, mushroom strainer and a 12 foot section of hose.   The main drawback to this system is the close-range nozzle is not adjustable, however,  If you need the added convenience of being able to adjust your spray pattern then you may want to look into using the M-5 X-Jet with a variable nozzle.  Another drawback to using the X-Jet is the stream turns to mist when pressure washing high distances.

Another way you can apply chemicals is by setting up a down streaming system with your pressure washer.  What you need is a downstream injector with an adjustable nozzle to regulate chemical flow and a poly-braided clear tube that runs to your chemical tank.  I say "clear" so you can easily see and verify the chemical flow.  You will also need a variable pressure wand in order to trigger the chemical flow whenever you need to apply the chemicals. Basically, the variable pressure wand allows you to lower the pressure which in turn increases the volume of water, and causes the injector ball to create a suction in the chemical tank.  Just like the X-Jet system , it streams the harsh chemicals past the pump which of course will make your pump last much longer.  To spray the chemicals far distances similar to the X-Jet you will need to use an additional attachment such as the water cannon.

Many professionals prefer a downstream system because it's more convenient than the X-Jet system.  The difference between the X-Jet and downstream methods is that the  chemicals enter  the line just after the pressure washer allowing you to keep the chemical tank stationary at your power washing trailer while down streaming,  whereas with the X-Jet method , the soap enters the line just after the trigger gun so you have to carry the chemical tank or soap bucket and chemical hose with you as you work. The downstream method is great because it allows you to turn your chemicals on and off with the simple twist of the handle on the pressure washing wand. If you decide to use a downstream system for your own setup make sure you get the right type of nozzles ((low & high soap nozzles, low & high rinse nozzles) to match the GPM capabilities of your machine.

Either system can be pricey with costs ranging from $100-$200. However, a X-Jet or downstream system  can pay for itself many times over by making the process of chemical application easier and more efficient.